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my work, if you like it leave a comment, if you don't like it, you better have a good reason on why, or don't say anything at all, or else I shall flag your destructive criticism as spam

Let me ask you something... am I nuts? 

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To do list

Figure out when the dang special days are

Spinoffs for Southern Sun

Love of the Western Lamina development

continue the Jimmy Jones story

draw awesome military stuff

Velocity Man character development

youtube content

other cool stuff


How to Commission AmericanHero45


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Seth Crawford
Artist | Student
United States
I am not the greatest artist you'll ever meet but I'm trying to teach myself. I like anything military, sports, railroading, and vore ^-^

Commission info: My E-mail is, if you want to commission me send me a note on DA.

Disclaimer: I have the right to refuse commissions to anyone over anything for any reason


Oral vore,

basic poses


silly comics

ze ladies (for the most part)


Thomas the Tank Engine versions of locomotives


while I would prefer to avoid NSFW stuff I will do depending on how not safe it is.

will not draw:

porn (will draw flirting, kissing and hugging, but outright sex is out of the question)

anti-religious (especially anti-christianity, you ask me to do that you WILL get reported, or at least chewed out),

political arguments,

mechs due to lack of experience with them (transformers are included, sorry),

mean stupid or outright offencive jokes like the kind in MAD or Family Guy,

sports (due to lack of experience, but I would love to do that),

Anti-Sonic the Hedgehog (anti Mario maybe)


prices will be paid with U.S. dollars:

Locomotives: It depends on how big the engine is and how detailed it is, for example, a simple 0-6-0 tank engine would most likely be $5, and something like a Union Pacific Big Boy (4-8-8-4) would be $75, that range would be my range, again it depends on the locomotive.

(No Estimates)

Written commissions:

One penny per word, will try to be as efficient as possible.

The reason why my rates for a computer program are so much higher than pencil, is that it's much more time consuming and I seriously need the extra dough. There will be three slots for one commision, if you want a commision from me, please have a clear idea of what you want, and a good reference of your character(s) unless you want me to use my imagination which might not go so well.

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And who ever wants to thank me for faving their stuff, it's nice to see people appreciate it, but the majority of those kind of comments get pretty annoying after a while, new people I watch are exempt from those annoying comments

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Norramby Railway Steam engine list

Fri Jul 8, 2016, 8:27 AM
stolen Borrowed from :iconmetalheadrailfan: and :iconwaningdaylight: 

I technically have 2 fantasy railroads, one of which is what I'm basing my model layout as but due to time and not-fleshed out stuff I won't do a list for that one just yet. Also the images are not mine but all linked to a stash because I'm crap so try not to click on them. 


Gwr 6023 by AmericanHero45 

-King Richard 1 (not imaged here)
-GWR King Class
-duty: express passenger
-acquisition: 1963
-Richard here was supposed to be scrapped when he was retired by BR in 1962, but Sir Robert Norramby's father Nigel Norramby made him one of the first acquisitions for the Norramby Railway. Richard as friendly as he be, he is known for being a wee bit too loving of "Mother England", saying that no machine can live up to English standards. However he isn't blind to the extreme contrast between that belief and reality. He just won't admit it. When he was acquired he requested to go into BR Blue livery instead of GWR green. His reasoning was "It makes my brass stand out more." 

Gwr 2859 by AmericanHero45

-GWR 2800 class 
-duties: freight
-Acquisition: 2009 
-Named after his designer, Churchward has been a Barry Scrap Yard resident until he was picked up by the Llangollen Railway and had been in storage for years waiting for a restoration that didn't come until he was acquired by Sir Robert Norramby. Despite his lousy situation over the years he has a fairly optimistic approach to life. He is rarely seen otherwise but when those rare moments of when he is angry comes around, get out of the way for this guy can cuss so much that a sailor would blush. He doesn't seem to care about rivalries between even the big four or the multiple railways he had to "compete" against. When asked why he would always answer: "When the 1923 grouping act occurred, I had a sneaking suspicion that I would have to work with my rivals in the future. So why make enemies when more work is done with clear communication." 

SR bulleid spam can by AmericanHero45

-Hurricane (not pictured here)
-SR Bulleid West Country (light pacific)
-BR 34065 (because screw the British SR numbering system)
-duties: light passenger/freight
-acquisition: 1965
-Hurricane was a last second purchase along with Blue Funnel of the Merchant Navy class for the Norramby Railway. Hurricane is not very talkative as he was once accused of being a nazi sympathizer during the battle of Britain when the truth was further from it. He was actually hiding a German immigrate family who moved to England when Hitler got involved in the Spanish Civil War in 1936 and were falsely accused of espionage during the German bombing raids on London. He fears speaking his opinions because of this now and only answers questions that are relevant to his work.

Rebuilt-merchant-Navy-30528 by AmericanHero45

-Blue Funnel (not pictured here) 
-SR Bulleid Merchant Navy (BR Rebuild)
-BR 35013 (because screw the British SR numbering system)
-duties: heavy passenger/light freight
-acquisition: 1965
-Much like Hurricane, Blue Funnel was a last minute purchase to the Norramby Railway. Unlike Hurricane however, Blue Funnel is a chatterbox. He is never afraid to reveal his opinions to anyone no matter if it offends them or not. This has gotten him into his fair share of trouble over the years but his work ethic and otherwise friendly attitude has kept him not only on the roster but on the main line. 

reihngold BR18 by AmericanHero45 
-Alicia (not imaged here but the paint is the same) 
-Bavarian S3/6 (BR 18) 
-duties: commuter/express passenger 
-acquisition: 1971
-Alicia at first may seem a bit unwelcoming at first but she warms up very quickly...provided you don't mention the Third Reich or WW2 to her. She spent most of her life in Germany and had lost many friends due to allied bombing, sabotage, and strafing runs during the war and the whole thing is a very touchy subject for her. She had been a frequent deliverer of Jews to Nazi prison camps so that doesn't help. When the war ended she had received a lot of psychological therapy from all of that and had managed to mostly recover minus the sensitivity of the war itself and Soviet occupation of eastern Germany to which she was fortunate enough to escape. 

Usatc S100 by AmericanHero45

-Ruth (not pictured here) 
-BR 30063 
-duties: shunting 
-aquisition: 1962
-Ruth is also one of the first engine acquired by the Norramby Railway from the South Hampton docks...yeah that's all I got atm 

GWR 1366 pannier by AmericanHero45

-Robin (not pictured here) 
-GWR 1366 class (one of the only two types of panniers where the cylinders were on the outside)
-duties: shunting/commuter 
-acquired: 1955 
-Robin's services with the Norramby line goes all the way back to Laurence Norramby, Sir Robert Norramby's grandfather. One would describe her as abrasive and impatient but that's because she's a workaholic. She hates sitting around doing nothing while others fiddle fart around and delay her. But she always proves to be the most reliable engine out there and rarely has trouble with the freight cars. 

Usatc S160 by AmericanHero45

-Frank (not pictured here) 
-USATC S160 
-duties: heavy freight/stopping passenger 
-Acquired: 1980 
-There's a running gag around the line that Frank is "the most civilized yankee in the world", the reason for this is that he is know for being incredibly polite to the point where he even sounds so when he's furious. After D-Day he served in France and when the war ended he worked in Turkey. When he was purchased he heard of the Longmoor Military Railway and how one of his brothers was one of them for a short time before he was scrapped. In honor of his brother, Frank requested to have the LMR paint scheme of which he has to this day. 

Atlantic Coast Line Locomotive No.1504 by AmericanHero45

-Samuel (not pictured here) 
-Atlantic Coast Line P-5-a (USRA standard light pacific)
-duties: heavy passenger/light freight
-acquired: 1956
-Samuel was the first American built engine for domestic use acquired by the Norramby Railway after working on the Atlantic Coast Line for his entire life. Everyone on the line calls him "Uncle Sam" for this much to his annoyance for the first few years of his time on the line but he got over it eventually. He prefers to do passenger work and doesn't much care for freight cars despite being mixed traffic on the Coast Line for nearly 40 years. He does it regardless as he feels there's no point in arguing over it. 

Br 9f 92207 by AmericanHero45

-BR standard 9F
-duties: heavy freight
-On lease since: 2010
-Martin was another Barry Scrap Yard resident and had been in "restoration" for the Shillingstone Railway Project at a snail's pace since 1986. In 2010 Sir Robert needed another heavy freight engine and with diesels still unable to match the power of steam and with American engines in total lock down at home for various reasons he decided to search the Heritage railway circuit for lease when he found Martin. He leased out the 9F and completed the restoration as a means of payment. Martin himself is grateful to be back on the rails again but he fears the rising problems caused by Britain's government regulations may knock him off the main line and back into the shed. A bit pessimistic but otherwise kind. 

Caledonian 812 by AmericanHero45

-Donella (yeah yeah I know it's unoriginal, also not pictured here) 
-Caledonian 812
-duties: light freight/shunting
-Acquired: 1961
-Donella worked in Scotland on the Caledonian, the LMS, and the Scottish region of BR her entire life until she was retired, she was scheduled for scrapping the day Laurence Norramby purchased her and thus she's sometimes called "The Cheater". She may seem a bit absent minded at times but if there is one thing she loves doing it's freight traffic, sometimes she forgets to say hi to the engine pulling the train she's supposed to take down various a few of the branch lines when the train is dirty enough. To her, the dirtier the freight train the better and she does not care if it gets on her. In fact many of the other engines tease her and say that she's actually a blue painted engine but all the dirt had covered it and the painters got lazy and coated it with clear to which she always laughs. 

Gwr 4247 by AmericanHero45

-Odysseus (not pictured here)
-GWR 4200 class
-Duties: shunting/commuter 
-acquired: 1966 
-Odysseus was a shunter in the GWR for many years, one of two of his class to receive a name, the other was Hercules. Anyway Odysseus pays a lot of attention to detail and when he is not working he's finding things out about his peers or about future acquisitions or visitors. Despite what you might think he doesn't do it out of ill-content, rather he just does it so that he can help work out any working weaknesses to make his friends better at what they do. He doesn't particularly like it when people ignore his advice, it makes him feel he did all that research for nothing. 

Don't have any diesels yet but that will change I assure you

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oh man, the two new Sonic games look amazing, I want both of them! 
that moment when you find out it's Hug a Giant Day and then realize that the only true giant you had is now human sized... #bother 
okay, I'm getting annoyed by everyone hitting the panic button about the UK leaving the European Union. Honestly guys calm down. I don't even know the main reason why they did it but from what I hear, most of the people that voted "yes" only did it out of protest because the UK doesn't have much say in what the European Union does and they came out said they need some time to re-think all this while the EU is trying to hasten things. Now I don't know if the protest thing is true or not and since I had no clue of this whole thing was an option to begin with until it happened I will not make a comment on my opinions. But I will say this, Austria-Hungary didn't have much say in anything in the affairs of the rest of Europe before they had to dig themselves into war with Serbia and cause World War 1 and history repeats itself if people don't learn from it the first time...which is something mankind is known to do over the millennia's.  
Wonder how things will go for the UK now that they've left the EU. Hopefully things will go well for them/you. 


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